Doona successfully passed all legally required compliance tests as well as additional tests above and beyond the requirements.

Doona complies with the highest EU, US and some other local standards*. As such, Simple Parenting conducted more than one hundred crash tests to ensure the baby’s safety and protection in a wide range of crash scenarios. On top of the compliance testing, Simple Parenting conducted numerous tests, in extreme conditions, to assure that Doona does not just meet the standards, but it exceeds them. The additional tests included collision at very high speeds, collision at freeze conditions, collision using a 3 year old dummy, and/or additional weights, etc.

Doona successfully passed all legally required compliance tests, as well as the beyond-compliance tests. In frontal collision tests (the most frequent type of car accident), Doona scored a high 5-star rating.

In addition to tests conducted in the leading labs in the US, Europe, and Asia, Simple Parenting established a fully automated, high-tech, in-house testing facility. In this facility, Simple Parenting continuously conducts more than 20 different tests, which are not part of the standard tests, to ensure durability over time, prevent consumer misuse, etc.

*There are slight differences between the products to match the local standards.

The Doona infant car seat has now been tested and approved for use with Ford Motor Company inflatable seat belts.  All Doona infant car seats, with any date of manufacture, can be used with Ford and Lincoln inflatable seat belts.  Specific instructions related to use with an inflatable seat belt are provided in a revised instruction manual that can be found by going to the support tab on the simple parenting web site and selecting user guides or going to: https://simpleparenting.co/user-guides/