Liki Trike

the world’s most compact folding trike.



Get ready to roll with Liki, the best and most compact folding trike in the world. The sleek urban design of the Liki Trike allows you to be safe and have fun as it elegantly combines functionality and aesthetics. The ingenious Liki Trike simply folds and unfolds at the click of a button; making it an ideal companion for your everyday urban lifestyle as well as your travels.

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Count to five.

Transition between Liki’s functional stages in a few easy steps.

10-18 months

PARENT MODE Backrest Parent control bar Footrest Protective bar Canopy

18-24 months

PUSH MODE Backrest Parent control bar Footrest

footrest installed as a pedal
24-30 months

TRICYCLE MODE Backrest Parent control bar Pedals

30-36 months

BIKE MODE Lower backrest Pedals


Folds with a click of a button. Perfect for traveling.

Liki series.


Perfect for traveling Folds/unfolds in seconds Comes fully assembled

Padded armrest
Shoulder pads
Storage bag

Additional features: Storage bag Shoulder pads Padded armrest

Padded armrest
Wooden handlebars
Shoulder pads
Premium Storage Bag

Additional features: Premium Storage Bag Travel bag Wooden handlebars Shoulder pads Padded armrest