Use Tips

Simplicity is embedded in our DNA. In order to simplify the lives of parents and babies, we design smart and simple products. To achieve the most of your products, please follow these quick tips.

Proper Harness Tightness.

  1. Pull the shoulder straps upwards to remove slack from the lap area.
  2.  Pull tightening strap located between baby’s legs.

Shoulder Straps’ Height Adjusting.

From the first time you use the Doona Car Seat and as your baby grows, you will need to adjust the shoulder straps according to your baby’s height as follows:

    1. When the shoulder straps are adjusted correctly, they go through the shoulder strap slots at shoulder level or slightly below.
    2. Place the baby in the Doona Car Seat and locate the correct shoulder strap slots for your baby’s height. Then take your baby out of the Doona Car Seat.
    3. At the back of the Doona Car Seat, disconnect the shoulder straps from the metal plate.
    4. Insert the shoulder straps to the correct slots.
    5. Reconnect the straps to the metal plate.

*Make sure the straps are located between the metal bar and the seat body. No part should go over the metal bar.

Shoulder Pads Position.

For your baby’s comfort, be sure to position the shoulder pads over the shoulders area when buckling the Doona harness. The pads are soft and wide, and will distribute the pressure of the harness straps more equally over your baby’s body.

Infant Insert Removal.

Remove the Infant Insert once your baby has grown and the harness is too tight. The insert is intended for newborn babies typically up to ~5 kg (~11 lbs). Keep using the head support for as long as possible, for enhanced side impact protection.

Anti-Rebound Handle Position.

One of Doona’s main differentiators, when it comes to safety in the car, is its handle which serves as an extremely effective anti-rebound bar.

In the car, always rotate handle against seat back.

Straps Adjustment.

Ensure that the shoulder straps are assembled onto the metal plate so that all straps are located between the metal bar and the seat body. No part should go over the metal bar.

Doona Head Support.

Doona achieved excellent results in side-impact collision tests. Due to its unique design, Doona’s wheels and double wall structure absorb a significant portion of the energy transmitted during a side impact collision.

The Doona Head Support was designed to further enhance this protection, as well as provide support and comfort for the baby.

In addition, its outer surface is made of Bamboo Charcoal Fiber textile, which is Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic and Humidity & thermal regulating, and has an Anti-slip back surface.

Keep the head support as long as possible for the protection of your baby.

Doona Infant Insert.

Specifically designed for newborn babies, the Doona Infant Insert provides young babies with the highest levels of safety and comfort.

Developed alongside global engineering, safety and medical experts, the insert supports your baby’s posture, by mimicking a natural position, thus granting parents and babies the freedom to travel together.

Doona Infant Insert features:

• Near-flat ergonomic position.

• Additional padding adjusted for newborn infants.

• Bamboo Charcoal Fiber textile, which is Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic and Humidity & thermal regulating.

Doona from Base Removal.

In order to remove Doona from its base:

  1. Rotate the handle to its upright position.
  2. Press down the small top button, and while it is pressed down, push the entire release button towards the vehicle seat.
  3. While pressing the Doona release button, slightly tilt the Doona toward your body.
  4. Remove your hand from the button and lift the Doona outside of the car.

Traveling Abroad.

Airlines allow the option to check-in a car seat or stroller at the gate FREE OF CHARGE.

We recommend to always gate check your doona instead of sending it as luggage.

Sending your doona as luggage may result in varying degrees of damage to your doona.

We have specially designed the Gate Check label to prevent this from happening. The label is included with all doona travel bags.

Before traveling, please ENSURE that the Gate Check label is properly attached to the doona travel bag handle.